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  • Are you hanging onto your old VCR just so you can watch your wedding video on VHS?
  • Do you have slides of family vacations or home movies on reel-to-reel film that you canít watch because you canít find a projector to show them?
  • Do you wish you could listen to your old record collection on your iPod?
  • Are you concerned that your old analog tapes and celluloid film are deteriorating, losing quality with every passing year?

SoundonScreen can get your memories out of a box and onto a DVD or CD that will play on modern devices (DVD player, CD player, computers). Digital transfer preserves image and sound quality, and also allows you to make copies to share with family and friends.

We transfer videotapes, reel-to-reel film, records, cassettes, photographs, and slides onto digital media and offer premium, affordable DVD and CD duplication. We also offer editing services to turn your photos and videos into a custom DVD experience.

Price Guide

Basic DVD Transfer: $25 per hour of material to DVD, and $20 for each additional hour, with no loss in picture quality as can occur when significantly more than one hour is transferred onto a blank DVD-R. We include a menu, fade-ins, fade-outs, and audio adjustment at no extra charge.

Slides and Photos, Digitally Scanned: .85 each.

DVD Duplication: $10 per copy, with discounts for bulk copying or CD duplication.

Videotape Duplication: $15 per tape.

8mm, Super 8, & 16mm Film Transfer: .30 per foot, including a cleaning and restoring process. This is an area where it truly pays to invest in our premium transfer service. The vividness of the picture quality, and the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing that the work is being handled personally by caring professionals, make SoundOnScreen the wise choice.

LPs and cassettes: $20 per CD produced from transfer.



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