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SoundOnScreen offers full filming and editing services both for personal events and business applications. Whether you want significant creative control over the direction of the final DVD, or prefer to trust in our visual expertise, we will work with you to create a fully satisfying final product.

Special Occasions

Let SoundOnScreen capture your special occasion on video. Your final edited DVD will remember more than you ever could, because we can film in more places than you can be during the event. And smooth, confident transitions and effects will transform your video from amateur home movie into an impressive and moving remembrance.

Consider using SoundOnScreen for your upcoming:
• Wedding
• Graduation
• Birthday
• Anniversary

Our job and our pleasure is to craft your life into art. No event is too small.

Corporate and Legal Documentation

Perhaps your business or institution needs a commercial or short film developed? Or perhaps you would like a lasting record of a presentation or other significant business event.

SoundOnScreen is available for:
• Commercials and Promotional films
• Training and human resources films
• Documenting important presentations
• Professional editing of existing footage
• Depositions, wills, and other legal video documentation

Enjoy professional image and sound—preserved on DVD.

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